You have heard of biorhythms.  You have heard of logorithms.  Welcome to bloggerhrythms: a new word invented today.  If someone else already did, but I do not know of it, then I apologize.  Sometimes in life we sense the need for a word.

There are a lot of blogs around nowadays, in 2013, and hundreds of thousands or even tens of millions of bloggers.  They come in both professional and amateur forms.

The good and bad news about today, is that I hung at home with the 17 year old male entity with one of those starter moustaches again today.   We did not go out.  We did our own things a lot of the time but interacted a lot more than we do whenever we are not in the same place so much.  I am very grateful that my teen still hangs out with me even though I’m his mother.  When I was his age I was still very into my parents and also into peers.  The big difference is that I really bother to tell my teen that I love him and want him around.  Since I tell him I want him instead of ignoring him or expecting him to run off and play with others all the time, he hangs out with me.  Food for thought for other parents out there.  When I was 17 my parents saw me most days, but they did not dole out emotional reassurance like it was milk – if you know what I’m saying.  Unfortunately, I needed that much of it and reacted quite strongly to how little was given.  A lot of other personalities would have felt like my parents provided plenty of emotional reassurance and why I was so neurotic for no reason?

We did not even set foot outdoors today.  Winter has arrived.

Getting an even smooth thread on the bobbin with the sewing machine is being way more difficult than wanted or expected.  In other good news: I really liked what I cooked for dinner.  Ten years ago I really liked that my husband cooked us dinner.  Uh, no, I did already know how to cook 10 years ago.  Anyways, that guy is also remarried.  Everyone I have actually legally married is currently married to a different woman.  So far, the only married men I have ‘dated’ or romanced…It was actually while he was my husband.  Because there are jokes or because of allusions to misconduct:  Really?!  You shouldn’t date a married man?!….Erm, unless he’s your husband, silly.

In 20th century TV & radio jingle brain washed style:  Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids!

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