What happened?

It did cross my mind to do something for you.  Yes, I mean you.  I wasn’t that sure what it would be.  Like yourselves, I was born and grew up and during the long years of childhood and part of the early adult years I wondered what kinds of things I might do to make myself more of a benefit than a nuisance to society.  I know that normally, you probably don’t think of yourselves that abstractly – aren’t other people always society, and not ‘me’ ? [looks around puzzled, like when a teacher calls on someone who is caught off gaurd] Actually it is you.

Well, at some point I managed to write something relatively coherent and once I had it crossed my mind that I might be able to make myself useful and to earn some money – OK, ok, really I was thinking ‘a very good living’ but still, I had visualized it as fine reward for doing really good work – for you.  Weird, but true.

During the past 10 years I have managed to come out with a few things.  In some cases, I found someone who needed help to put their book project together and they paid me to help them.  That’s really what ghostwriting is.  I was grateful to have the work and their help with marketing.  In addition, I managed to author a couple of books which have made it a bit further.

The projects are not all the same except that they are written in the English language, are books and I have something to do with them.  Here are some links.  Have a look.  After all, it was done for you, hoping you would like it.  http://www.amazon.com/Mutual-Funds-Book-Invest-Returns/dp/1601380011



For a more complete listing, visit Uranian Fiction.  Do yourself a favor and snatch up one of these bargains today.


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