Second Languages and Feedback about You

As you may already know, the system of WordPress shows me your blog and the titles of a couple of posts if you click like at mine.  It is true that I have gone and read some posts by other people because the WordPress system showed them to me after I posted something.

What I find tells me only that I don’t really know how to predict who will find or read one of the blog posts.  Usually, what I have done for months now, is post the blog to the FB friends list and to Twitter.  This exposes it to hundreds of people.

During the past several months I have noticed that how the information travels from there and who ends up receiving it is not always clear.  Over at FB, I have also observed that a variety of people experience pangs of anxiety when s/he [they] post and post only to end up feeling as though they have failed to really connect with anyone.

As many of you already know I currently reside outside the USA but remain ‘proud to be American’ and have every intention of moving back there hopefully before I turn 50, but maybe not until then.  Due to this situation, today I used a second language when I went out in public at those times when I interacted with anyone else in person.  In reality, cultural difference can take some getting used to.  I have heard of people who leave their own nation and go someplace where they find they feel more at home.  For my own part, I have always really liked where I come from.  I am not blindly uncritical of it, but I like it – from my home town to most of the other places that I have lived.  Dislike of where I was did not cause me to go elsewhere.  The motives were ‘other’.

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