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Readers, today I would like to thank you.  My father acted like a typical parent in that he was first to read the blog and to buy the philosophy book.  He has not bought the novel An Adventure in Indianapolis but has bought Five Big Questions in Life and how to answer them.  That was encouraging especially when the chips were down.

Nowadays, I do not know how many people read the blog.  What I can tell you is that it does mean something to me when any of you click on like or make a comment as it provides feedback that there are people reading this. 

Like with most interactions, it matters that you do. 

Today, locally, I found out that one of the driving school teachers speaks good English.  Here in Germany, the knowledge of the English language is ‘patchy’ and a bit unpredictable.  Many Germans speak some English, and there are a number of them who are truly fluent in English as well as German.  What makes it a bit of a wild ride, is that as a foreigner, one doesn’t know who it is.  My nearest neighbors are relieved that I am learning much more German especially because they really don’t speak English, but suddenly it turns out the driving school teacher does. 

One day riding the train, I see young Germans speaking English amongst themselves for fun, and then someone in an official capacity either cannot or really does not want to speak English to me at all.

Meanwhile, I finally have a couple of English students but need more.  One of them speaks more than the other – but both are learning a lot and are friendly.  The one that does not know as much is very grateful that I can speak some German if only to clarify English to him. 

Well, those are all real life examples.  I have also learned that there are approximately 80,000 Americans here in the nation of Germany on any given day, but many are here for a week and half are the US military stationed down in the South. 

My son and I are very grateful that when we speak English amongst ourselves we are fluent. 

By the way: the German name of Germany is Bundesrepublick Deutschland. 

Finally, the German name of the USA is Vereinigte Staaten.  [sounds like Pher-ine-igga Shtaaten]

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