Emotional w/ a touch of professionalism

Right now I feel a little emotional because the only person who spends time with me daily may not come by because ‘the new wife’ of my son’s father wants to have him baby sit for her instead of him coming to me which I feel is not really alright because it makes it so that my needs won’t be met.  As I prefer win-win situations and like to play nice and be a good person, the fact that the problem exists and that mean people don’t even care does not really help. 


In good news, my brother & his wife are starting to figure out Skype which means that “I can’t afford to call” is no longer a justifyiable excuse.  For me this is hard because in reality I had thought I would have kept in touch with tons of my friends from childhood as well as siblings and the like but it did not work out that way.  For years I thought the problem was that I could not afford the long distance fees.  When I began to find out that the feelings were not mutual or else I am still really misunderstanding a bunch of people…then…it doesn’t help when the truth isn’t good, put it that way.

The truth does not always have to hurt at all, but as we all  know, some of the time it does. 

The other good news today, is that I have cleaned off some of the nasiest counter sludge in the kitchen.  That is almost way too personal for a blog.  Nevertheless, that’s the truth and I did it wearing attire suitable for an office.

The bad news is that I haven’t even done my job today – by that I mean the writing job.  My other main work is still helping the adolescent become a grown man.  I’ve made it clear that I hope to continue to know him when he is an adult. 

Let me touch on professionalism and the blog.  The blog is really intended to help me find and reach readers, not so much other writers as people who will be interested and able to spend a little money on buying what I write for professional consumption.  The truth is that in sales, what sells is actually individuals.  Those who buy into me are most likely to buy into my work and vice versa.  That being true for each and every one of us, sharing some personal stuff is alright.  I do like to express myself and to be myself.  However, please keep in mind that unlike whoever, I am not an exhibitionist and am not seeking to attract exploiters and predators.  On that note, many would argue for the generosity of the online systems and others would observe that it is a scam to sucker people into providing loads of free content by claiming it will help their businesses even though it really doesn’t.

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