Distance & working – with a hint about writers

This is coming to you from someone who has worked with people using online systems to generate print media professionally for years now.  Like most of you, I like to include people in person.  Also like most of you – sometimes doing something from a greater distance is nice.  The main methods people over 40 years old remember doing this while young was newspapers, radios, TV and books.  Then, during the past 20 years now, and especially for the past 10 years, the use of the PC – laptop and Internet have become popularized to the same degree as books and TV and radio were to the generation before.  The original version of ‘things of this nature’ was language, music and writing…Books are a form of distance communication. 

Perhaps you had perceived them as something other than that, but thanks to parenting Generation Zed, I know understand how true it is that from a historical developmental perspective viking runes etched on stones and later, books – are the original “Internet forum posts”.  With cultural artefacts, people can post to the human lifeline forum by posting at and to a given time period. 

In truth, one day I told my son what I will now also share with you.  What I have been taught is that the main difference between Northern Native American cultures and European cultures is this:  NA: Be good people and don’t leave a mess in the forest.  Those who come afterwards should not be able to tell anyone was here.  This is a lot like cleaning up when you move out of a residence.  If you want to keep the deposit, make sure it is in good condition.  E: Make sure everyone’s descendents for the upcoming 500 years know you were definitely here when you were. 

That’s enough for today.  Hope you have each had a good time.  Remember, an author is someone who was already into distance communication at least some of the time, or s/he would not write books to be read by people hundreds or thousands of miles away during lunch break, or at home on the sofa or while riding in a train or airplane at a stabilized 30,000 feet.

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