Today 7 January 2013

I was about to head off to bed when I remembered that I had not blogged.  I decided to do it, based on the idea that those of you actual people who have been getting into reading it, might appreciate it if I do.  Not wanting to lose you, here it is.

I only went out twice today.  Once to the nearest shop for an ordinary action – i.e. buying more milk.  I bought cow’s milk, but in truth part of “my life in Germany” is that I have started drinking goat’s milk.  As you can imagine I am thrilled to still be able to get cow’s milk as being forced to switch would be a shock, but this way I have found that I like it well enough in itself.  “Never thought I’d hear myself say that.” 

The other time I went to local German driving school lessons.  I had a good experience.  Most of the students are within 2 years of my son’s age.  I have spoken with my son about the driving issue.  He is supportive of me and comfortable with what is going on on that front.  The whole thing really did take place in German.  It was one of many of life’s real experiences that trigger something in my mind which I have tended to describe by claiming that: It made me feel as if real life is surreal.  Not everything affects me that way, but some events do.  It was in context so it was OK but if one suddenly interposed that on what my life was like when I was 20 years old and never planned on even reading German philosophers let alone ever going to even visit Germany in person it could be interpreted as ‘pretty shocking’ in some respects. 

Well, hope your days were not all just ‘wash outs’ as I think I even explained in a recent post. 

The weather was well above freezing but overcast enough that I begin to be able to imagine cultures where no one has seen the Sun directly for so long that they have stopped even thinking of a round orb but know only that the sky glows during the grey day time and the rest of the time it is just dark…darker.  Face it, that would be a bit different.  As a pop-up-storybook level of theory, I have come up with the theory that maybe the minds of Western people are ‘for a Buddhist meditator’s interpretation’ like the mysterious culture above…In a way that is what they teach…that enough meditation will cause ‘clear skies of the mind’ but as Americans etc. who treasure ‘discursive thought’ …well, what they see as a clear day might be an abhorrent condition.  Just a quick theory – not necessarily correct if we go into detail…but it could prove to hold up even under intense introspection.  ‘As long as you’re thinking’ anyway….lol.


Good night from Germany “.de”

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