Dad’s Birthday 2013

 Home.   The link is about a peace activist in the UK and a fund raising campaign for a commemorative statue by a woman artist.

Today is my earthly father’s birthday.  It could be said that spiritually I have the same father as….more that 45% of the world’s human population: here I am including Jews, Moslems and Christians….and random other people as the remaining ‘siblings’.  Anyway, I’m grateful that my father is definitively still alive and may be with us for decades still but he is old enough now to begin to feel a little concerned that there may be only a few years left.  Spooky for everyone, perhaps to be at the tail end of their lives or to have loved ones who are.

On that same topic, I once had a minister who kindly shared with me that during 5 or even 10 years that he was a grown man but rather young physicians had told him he was going to die in 6 months.  Instead he healed from the disease but due to that he has a different take on life than some people.

Personally, I believe in thinking about death – taking the reality of it as encouragement to live life now: don’t wait….and that live for today, but plan for tomorrow makes the most sense.  I really think a lot in terms of the lifespan estimates I derived from my grandparents combined with contemporary technology.  I’ve crossed over into the beginning of the 2nd half of life….like this is a ball game, you know.  Some of you know how that is, and other readers may not.

Have a good day readers.  Obviously, just as students and teachers need each others writers and readers do to.

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