Today, 2013

Today here in this German village has been mild but breezy.  I did see a few birds flying but they were buffeted about by the wind and did not do it very much.  Back when I had work as a gardener’s assistant there were days that were ‘wash outs’ – it was too wet to work.  When we wanted more money or to get out and be active it seemed bad, but after months of the work, when it began to seem like we would make it and be able to get by even when some days were wash outs I learned to relax a little better.  Some would call this a very basic lesson in accepting life.  I won’t go into that further, today.  What I will tell you is that I saw some of ‘the other local horses and local people’ while out today.  Most of the horses I think are accounted for by 6 or 7 locations and people.  There was a group of children with one or two adults and three horses – or else that was two horses and a pony.  The horse nearest the bus stop with the children at it was wearing a blanket.  I wore my wellies – as the English call them.

Hope many of you liked yesterday’s post.  I suppose I feel it makes good sense to share a little bit of my professional work – the blog not being a money maker in any direct sense…but other days seem to need more personal expression.  This is the Information Age and my son and I sometimes discuss how it works and how it does not.  I have done a lot of business using the Internet.  It has not made me much money, but I have made headway as a writer – or else had that illusion, from being paid to write on contract.  Obviously I keep hoping that marketing the writing I did not do on a contract works and people will buy what I made as my own and not only being willing to by what a corporation persuaded me to make by offering to pay me to do it.  When I use or Elance or any writing contract service, I always apply for projects I feel I would enjoy even if I did not need the pay.  If I need to after that, then I go through the options and bid for ones that I guess I really am willing to do when I need to get paid.  I don’t find any of it funny as I believe that the spiritual life for the majority of adults is about dealing with work and family – one’s romances and/or children and friends and how one gets paid and for what and all the details associated with that.  I have met people for whom it all seems to just come together and have met tons of other people who struggle with moral challenges while trying to live their lives.  It is not that easy for millions of people.

Well, what can I tell you?  Check out my stuff at and Scribd.  Buy when you can – support an artist seeking spiritual purity as part and parcel of her working life.  Enjoy this freebie blog and know that I feel compassion – but not pity, for you and your life situation, whatever it is.


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