Later than usual – eulogy to the felled oaks across the field & street

Sorry this is so late today. For whatever reasons in this case, I would like to mention an event that to some would be viewed as quite sad.

Two or three weeks ago now, one morning I woke up and saw a few men within visual distance outside fussing around a local tree. The tree was one of the local oaks. It was tall and mature enough that I believe it was well over 100 years old, but for an oak tree that is a bit like a human being between age 29 and 31 years old. One hopes and expects there to be a lot more life for that one. There was a short of row of them. They did have an obvious problem. What it looked like their problem was, was that they were together with a large amount of vigorously growing ivy. Yes, ivy. Not just a cute and dainty little decorative piece but really mass quantities of the stuff. I had fitful dreams of circumstances that would involve freeing the oaks from the bondage of the ivy. I mean I can see how a little ivy is nice but nothing likes to be smothered and I think the situation had become that bad. I pretended to ignore it, but noticed.

Over the course of that day, the group of human men felled 4 oak trees of approximately 125 years of age each. Luckily, there are another two from the row, but I don’t feel neutral about it. I feel a little mixed up about it. It is sort of not my place to say and none of my business and yet those trees were not going to die anytime soon and I hate to see them killed over their ivy problem instead of cutting off the ivy and I don’t feel good about pretending to not care and I really don’t know if there were other reasons that I am unaware of – reasons which make sense from a farming perspective….and I am not pleased by the idea of developing a reputation locally as the manical American woman who badgers farmers about washing their cows – I saw a cow who I hope to God/ess has been showered off since, last Summer…or who comes out and throws a tantrum or performs bizarre rituals because a farmer got into it with a tree: if you see what I’m getting at.

Well that was a long enough post for today. I’m hoping there is enough juice in the roots that it is not really the end of those trees at all.

Windy Weather & German Driving

ndy weather

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:)As I write this to you all, I am in a pretty good mood.  As well as having some quality time with my son – my immediate relative, I feel that I have managed a decent time with the locals.  If you have not ever spent much time as a foreigner – which I think is okay by the way, it may seem as though I am making a big deal of a small matter. 

From this perspective it seems like a big deal.  All it was, was an hour and a half at a local driving school in German.  Each time I attend I feel a little more present; I get a little more aware of the other students – most of them are barely older than my own child, and the teachers.  I do learn both about driving here in Germany and the German language as well as locals. 

One major difference I’ve noticed, aside from cobblestone, is that there are a lot of German roads that have no shoulders.  There is a lot of wind in North Germany, and so, that will matter a lot.  Stay inside the lines or you run a serious risk of flipping your car.  Whoa.  Big difference.  There are roads with shoulders here in Germany, so, that’s a road characteristic well worth paying attention to. 

As far as quality of driver…I felt I was able to be a competent driver in the USA.  I do not feel like I was …that lady race car driver…Know what I’m getting at?  I can drive reasonably well; luckily I am not the nightmarish ‘bad woman driver’ but at the same time…I’m no driving ace.  I have wanted to drive in Europe but at the same time I really noticed that I felt an intense upsurge of anxiety about it.  I know why: I really did not know all the different rules.  Lots of the rules are the same but even the thought of taking a wild guess on interpreting a road sign at 100mph is enough to make me feel like up-chucking.  No one wants to find out they were dead wrong 3 minutes after having guessed at what a road sign means while driving in a foreign nation.  That was what made me so nervous. 

There is a lot of wind in North Germany.  This is even more of a big deal in light cars or on roads that don’t even have shoulders.  The Germans are a little strange in certain ways….In a village one does not go fast, but between towns they let people go at speeds which I only experienced as ILLEGAL over in the USA.  So, you can see why ILLEGALLY fast by American standards in windy weather on a road with no shoulders is something that may require a little special preparation to be able to do.  Wow. 

Is that Uranian Fiction or WordPress

Is that WordPress or Uranian Fiction?
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Today, the Uranian Fiction website and the WordPress blog are the same. FYI: today I checked the star map at Chaos Astrology. A very large number of our solar system’s planets are lumped together in the region of the sky often called Aquarius, while this is the time of year of Aquarius.

As an author, I feel it has been quite a while since I have put in a good chunk of work into a short story or major book project. In the meantime I do seem to have been doing at least a little creeping work on marketing and writing of nonfiction and pacing and things of that nature.

In the meantime, here is a refresher course in works that are presently available:

If you or anyone you know of high school age or older who tends to think deeply about life and to want both methods and answers, here is a short but intense nonfiction work. Five Big Questions in Life introduces people to the field of philosophy as it applies to daily life and without technical jargon.

If you or anyone you know is interested in financial security [hint: most people are] check out this one,

What’s the connection? I am the author of the first one. Of the second one, Alan Northcott is the author, but I am one of the ghostwriters he used. I do not know how many he used. I ghostwrote one draft.

To explain: Ghostwriter: a ghostwriter is a person who writes the idea of someone else, that the other person pays them to write. Because it is not the idea of the ghostwriter and because the amount of the content provided by the ghostwriter varies from a little bit to all – it varies from case to case, the ghostwriter is not the author. Ghostwriters help people who are either too busy or not good enough at writing to do it themselves but have a great idea and often many of the other skills needed to make a book successful.

Urban crime fiction set in Middle America

Urban crime fiction set in Middle America

Who is reading ebooks these days?  More people every day.  Do you have a Kindle?  If so, then you can use it to find a clever adventurous tale of how a city saves itself from itself – in a sense.  Maybe you don’t think that way – a lot of the time, I don’t either.  Every location has its own good and bad points.  Every fiction story relies on something connected to reality in some way – the connection may be thin or weak, but it is still there. 

Real life is about team work despite how competitive life can be.  That truth is high lighted in An Adventure in Indianapolis aka The Double Life of Tutweiler Buckhead.  Those who like group efforts will enjoy the unconventional approach in this novel.  There is not just one sleuth.  It really takes all 4 people to solve the crime, and they are working with others. 

If you’re interested, but don’t want to use an ebook reader, please pre-order yours from Alethia Publishing now:

The Old New Rush – circa 1990 / #12 ?!… called a Tai Situpa

This was when at least one of Alex’s elder offspring was old enough that he is rumored to have been the kid in this video. Now a man in his 30s.

Welcome to this year 2013. Either it will be comforting or will make it worse knowing that the man in this video has been in the same line of work about as long as his more famous dominant quasi-partner the 14th Dalai Lama.

I still practice the boring old 10 Commandments that Moses the Jew swore he got from God about 3000 years ago. You probably do to.


You have heard of biorhythms.  You have heard of logorithms.  Welcome to bloggerhrythms: a new word invented today.  If someone else already did, but I do not know of it, then I apologize.  Sometimes in life we sense the need for a word.

There are a lot of blogs around nowadays, in 2013, and hundreds of thousands or even tens of millions of bloggers.  They come in both professional and amateur forms.

The good and bad news about today, is that I hung at home with the 17 year old male entity with one of those starter moustaches again today.   We did not go out.  We did our own things a lot of the time but interacted a lot more than we do whenever we are not in the same place so much.  I am very grateful that my teen still hangs out with me even though I’m his mother.  When I was his age I was still very into my parents and also into peers.  The big difference is that I really bother to tell my teen that I love him and want him around.  Since I tell him I want him instead of ignoring him or expecting him to run off and play with others all the time, he hangs out with me.  Food for thought for other parents out there.  When I was 17 my parents saw me most days, but they did not dole out emotional reassurance like it was milk – if you know what I’m saying.  Unfortunately, I needed that much of it and reacted quite strongly to how little was given.  A lot of other personalities would have felt like my parents provided plenty of emotional reassurance and why I was so neurotic for no reason?

We did not even set foot outdoors today.  Winter has arrived.

Getting an even smooth thread on the bobbin with the sewing machine is being way more difficult than wanted or expected.  In other good news: I really liked what I cooked for dinner.  Ten years ago I really liked that my husband cooked us dinner.  Uh, no, I did already know how to cook 10 years ago.  Anyways, that guy is also remarried.  Everyone I have actually legally married is currently married to a different woman.  So far, the only married men I have ‘dated’ or romanced…It was actually while he was my husband.  Because there are jokes or because of allusions to misconduct:  Really?!  You shouldn’t date a married man?!….Erm, unless he’s your husband, silly.

In 20th century TV & radio jingle brain washed style:  Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids!

Industry insider news!

Submitting to Editors Without an Agent by nathan Bransford in 2009


Lots of people have been asking about this lately, especially with the suddenly-rampant myth that you must have a book deal or an offer in order to find an agent (for the record, again: this is not true at all).

So I thought I’d tackle the topic of submitting to editors without an agent. And I’ll start by saying something you might not expect to hear from an agent: submitting to editors without an agent isn’t always a bad thing!

But first, and most importantly: there some serious perils involved that you should be aware of if you’re considering submitting to editors directly. The biggest: If you query a lot of editors simultaneously with your agent search you may be inadvertently killing the submission process if you eventually find an agent. This is because most agents I know won’t resubmit to a publisher who has already considered a project, even if it was sent to the publisher unagented, and even if it subsequently undergoes a revision (unless the editor specifically asks).

If you are hoping to find an agent: submitting to editors widely is not the way to go. An agent will be less likely to take on your project if you have already sent your manuscript to the major publishers.

What is Versicherung? and Is there a God?

First of all, let’s admit that the real reason Versicherung has come up is that I am an American woman in Germany.  I saw that word for well over a year before finding out what it means in the language with which I am much more familiar. 

Just to give you the idea:  this long word with 4 syllables that breaks nearly all English word regulations for normalcy is painted onto buildings that look like they do business.  I kept noticing it.  Naturally, the local people gave the impression they felt it was normal.  Given how many of them are Germans and this is their country and their language, that isn’t all that astonishing.  That didn’t make me that comfortable with it, at least not at first. 

Believe it or not, Versicherung just means insurance.  That’s all it is.  I know it looks more like some Bugaboo or bedroom closet darkness monster, but it isn’t.  It is just a weird way of saying insurance.  Imagine what it must be like to be them and to find out that the freaky alien noise insurance just means versicherung.  Well, that’s cross cultural drama.

About: Is there a God?  In truth, this question is directly addressed in the first chapter of a short introductory philosophy book called Five Big Questions in Life and how to answer them.  I did write it.  What qualified me?  5 years of formal philosophical study along with years of contemplation and like so many Americans, decades of spiritual practice as part of ‘having a religion’.  All of that put together with writing ability led to this practical yet surprisingly complete short guidebook through some of life’s deepest and most challenging questions.  You can buy it here:

What happened?

It did cross my mind to do something for you.  Yes, I mean you.  I wasn’t that sure what it would be.  Like yourselves, I was born and grew up and during the long years of childhood and part of the early adult years I wondered what kinds of things I might do to make myself more of a benefit than a nuisance to society.  I know that normally, you probably don’t think of yourselves that abstractly – aren’t other people always society, and not ‘me’ ? [looks around puzzled, like when a teacher calls on someone who is caught off gaurd] Actually it is you.

Well, at some point I managed to write something relatively coherent and once I had it crossed my mind that I might be able to make myself useful and to earn some money – OK, ok, really I was thinking ‘a very good living’ but still, I had visualized it as fine reward for doing really good work – for you.  Weird, but true.

During the past 10 years I have managed to come out with a few things.  In some cases, I found someone who needed help to put their book project together and they paid me to help them.  That’s really what ghostwriting is.  I was grateful to have the work and their help with marketing.  In addition, I managed to author a couple of books which have made it a bit further.

The projects are not all the same except that they are written in the English language, are books and I have something to do with them.  Here are some links.  Have a look.  After all, it was done for you, hoping you would like it.

For a more complete listing, visit Uranian Fiction.  Do yourself a favor and snatch up one of these bargains today.