Free excerpt from Five Big Questions in Life and how to answer them by Miriam Pia

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What is philosophy? Translated literally from the Greek, it means “love of wisdom”. It has been around for approximately 3000 years in the West. The world’s first known,remembered philosopher is Confucious of China over 1000 years before remembered Greek philosophers.  Another simple way to understand what philosophy is to describe it: the subject that tries to answer some of the questions in life that are hardest to answer. Philosophy takes more effort to practice than it does to just think about. For adult readers, the most obvious way you have seen this is whenever you have taken a new job. The company often gives you a small flier. One paragraph of the flier gives you the philosophy. They give it to you with the Mission Statement and the Vision so that you understand core principles of the organization. The entire business functions daily – and its all in an effort to implement that little bit of philosophy.

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