J’ever wonder? Five Big Questions in Life and how to answer them

Have you ever found yourself wondering about some of life’s really giant questions?  Ones that everyone over 10 years old has heard but that seem either be so important that people pretend they don’t say anything about them or else people make entire academic departments devoted to them? 

Here is a small book, a booklet or guidebook really, which addresses some of these.  There are introductory books in philosophy which recount the history.  Those are great but this one has been honed down beyond that point.  In Five Big Questions in Life and how to answer them a few philosophical principles are explained – simple tools for practicing philosophy, and then readers can see how they are used in real life.  It is a bit like logic or math problems, but with a special effort to not confuse readers. 

Written in ordinary language Five Big Questions in life is great for adults or mature teens who are curious.  Afterwards, people will be able to practice at least a little philosophy with more awareness or will be better prepared to read more in depth theoretical philosophical works. 


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