Multiple editions of An Adventure in Indianapolis

Welcome to today’s post.  Due to other circumstances this is being posted a few hours later than it was for a while.  Hopefully that works for everyone.

The topic today is the reality that there are 2 editions of An Adventure in Indianapolis available.  This is more than ‘it is out on e as a self published document’ and ‘Alethia publishing has given me a contract in which they have agreed to release a real ordinary hard copy book through them’.  This is what it is about but here’s the reality:  The edition on Kindle and the POD versions available at Flipkart and Cafe Press are ‘all me’ – that is, just the author’s work put through the system.  Alethia has done what all respectable publishers do and have edited it and given it a cover that goes beyond the floundering I am capable of.

The versions that I have done do have ‘cover images’.  In some cases, for some readers, this will just make it more fun and raw – like getting a band’s Demo version, or a bootleg or a recording from a show that the music publishing company has not released.  Those who imagine that I was able to make a book cover more easily than I was able to write half a novel do not understand me correctly.   I found it easier to write 4 chapters of a novel than to learn the systems available for me to just whip together a book cover and attach it to a file.  This is the 129.7 millionth reminder that the people who chose ‘It takes all kinds’ as the theme for the 1986 high school year book were right on so many levels.  There is at least one professional book cover illustrator amongst my FB friends and lost of people who realize that just because they find whipping up a book cover image easy doesn’t mean that writing a novel takes no skill and anyone can do it.

For those who like the idea of gathering up a collector’s item, I can recommend the wild and wooly versions that are out there.  That written, I highly recommend pre-ordering from Alethia.  Not only will it get you a real book but it will encourage them as people tell them the novel is desired and is going to make them and author money without financially destroying the customers.

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