Good news – It is Gezka Faucmerz

Posted by on December 17, 2012 at 11:35 AM )

Yesterday, we looked at how it is bad to perceive Gezka Faucmerz, or at least some of how it can be bad.  Today, let’s have a look at why it is wonderful.

From a safe distance, as a citizen of the Rejkyavikian Empire or as the Emperor himself, Gezka is one of more of the Empire’s top notch military.  Loyal to the core, primed and ready to give it their all, the Emperor’s military service the Naav has been facilitating the growth of the Empire for the past 100 years.  Great leadership helps achieve great things.  Nothing makes the lower ranks of soldiers happier than a leader who has been down in the trenches themselves.  Gezka has been genetically designed and fully trained to become this ideal form of leader.  The first 15 years of soldiers lives, they are cadets after which they get to war to learn the real thing.  Quickly they learn and as always with the Naav, the weak are weeded out and the strong carry on.

Into year 7, Gezka Facucmerz was progressing nicely having arrived as an officer when she crested over the first post adolescent flushes of adulthood.

Perfect for viewing in the parades, hundreds of thousands of Rejkyavikians have cheered as their Naav soldiers, including Gezka marched along celebrating the Emperor and the Empire.  However much the Interior Federation joked about the Emperor of Ice, Emperor Rejkyavik has been growing the largest and longest lasting human ruled interstellar empire more than 30 Light Years from Sol.

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