Bad news – that was Gezka Faucmerz…

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Those of you who have been keeping up on the blog may have heard of Gezka and Kiel by now….Gezka is Emperor Rejkyavik’s if we go by “nationality” and Kiel is an Earthling.  With all the hooplah up in Iceland here on Earth last year, people will be right to notice that Gezka’s Empire is named after the capital city of Iceland and has even called ‘The Emperor of Ice’ by Earthling journalists because he rules out by Formalhaut B, which is a long cold distance from our solar system.  It is colder out there than Iceland in January, or even Greenland and Antartctica.  Ooh, I shake off old memories of an angry now ex-boyfriend saying I was cold.  Ooh.

The reason that I wrote about it as bad news is not to anti-sell any stories about them, but to communicate what she is really like.  We are not Emperor Rejkyavik’s therefore we should avoid her at nearly any cost.  Yes, as an artist, it is weird to be the author of someone so deadly, but it is not even 1/2000ths as bad as having invented the nuclear bomb.  Since she is fictional, we are in no danger, but her character is not anyone we should view as safe to be around.

The main reason for pointing this out, aside from telling you a litlte more about what Gezka Faucmerz – Rejkyavikian soldier, is like is to help you understand how special Kiel Bronson is.  The most amazing quality of Kiel’s throughout all the Gezka and Kiel stories is that he is able to include her without getting killed.  The reason for that is that Kiel is not Rejkyavikian.  She has sworn to protect everyone and anything about the Empire with every single fiber of her being, evenher cast off old body hair would get up and fight in the event it was necessary.  If it helps the Emperor.

Kiel is just some middle aged Earthling, so how does he do that?  We have to wonder if he is that sexy or something…what is it?  Was she so emotionally dependent on her Sergeant as a Lieutenant that if she becomes active as Captain it won’t work…but this way, the magic of the supporting Sergeant is still there, even though she is a Captain…because the Lt. is missing.  The reason is never explained but Kiel has undeniable power with Gezka like no other…One would expect it to be either sex or that he’s her father but that’s not it.  Hm.  Maybe I should re-write it until it makes sense?

Anyway, for Kiel, she might not be bad news, but for us – in person she would be bad but just for reading about, like tornado videos versus being caught by one, it could be great.

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