Personal Blog Day

By now, nearly all of you have finished the Thanksgiving Day left overs or else are not living in the USA.  The good news is that even though I am in Germany, I was able to have my mother over and able to end up with left overs like so many others. 

Has anyone explained to you what ‘small presses’ are?  In the world of books and publishing they are in between self published and giant rich powerful publishing companies.  Even with the giants the rumor is that 20% of the books get 80% of the money. Both Wilder Publishing and Alethia Publishing are small publishers compared to the huge ones like Penguin and Random House.  Unlike organizations such as Author House or other self-publishing and vanity publishing ventures, I did not pay them to accept or to publish the books.  When publishers pay authors advances what they are really doing is fronting the author money they expect to earn from sales of the book they have accepted.  When a published book does that, in the industry this is called “earning out” – breaking even on the publishing costs is when a book earns out: the advance at least, has been recouped.  While most people who are brainwashed to think of their employers as sources of income it seems to be obvious that the publishing company should pay and be treated like the employer/company but that is not always how it works.  What is really going on is that the product or service of every business and any sources of credit and investment are the real sources of the income that is turned into pay checks and issued by the company.  Both of the books these publishers are releasing are sort of “commission only” types – I only get royalties and did not receive an advance but certainly did not pay any fees.

An Adventure in Indianapolis is a crime fiction story for readers who love both the action and to get inside the minds of characters.  It is urban and contemporary.  Rather than being ‘about murder’ like most mysteries, it is a drug crime story.  It is about how good fights evil with this unusual bunch turned loose by the Mayor of Marion County.  Pre-order yours now:

Five Big Questions in Life and how to answer them is an introductory philosophy book for regular people.  Most of wonder, at least now and then how might argue in favor or even against God’s existence or think about what might be the best way to live and what is real knowledge and what is just thought or belief or opinion.  For those who read and love this book, more philosophy and theology books might be a great next step.  For this book, you don’t need to pre-order, you can just order it directly from Wilder Publications or via  Get yours now, in trim paperback.  Flexible enough for you to carry to and from work or school and tuck into your locker at the work place.

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