Do you like TV crime shows? Yes? An Adventure in Indianapolis is for you!

Yesterday, I sat down and had another think about how to help An Adventure in Indianapolis, the novel, reach the right crowd.  Novels are no good in the wrong hands, but bring great joy in the right ones. 

It finally dawned on me: a lot of the same people who enjoy crime TV shows – shows with teams, shows where it is not always a murder.  Series where you do get to know the characters – their personality quirks, their shortcomings. 

An Adventure in Indianapolis stars a small group of people who work together, in service to the Mayor and the Sheriff, but really – in service to the people of the city.  Conventional and unorthodox methods, bizarre combinations of people and an urban environment come together in this contemporary crime fiction novel. 

Enthusiasts may pre-order directly from Alethia Publishing and Kindle owners can purchase a different edit of the novel. 

Whether you read fiction between breakfast and the shower or while waiting for your kids to come out of the changing room after their sports game or before you go to sleep at night, An Adventure in Indianapolis brings you the convenience of books – that it will open for you at your leisure.

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