Uranian Fiction shorts 2, Sharbenau the Squirrel


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What if a squirrel discovered that it ‘had powers’?  When humans live normal lives we think this is normal – except in the USA where every individual is supposed to be so amazing even though most people are perfectly normal.  Now and then, a human can do something that sets the individual apart from the rest. 

In this short story, a squirrel discovers itself and its own ability to make a difference in the lives of others. 

If this story had a movie rating it would be 6 years or Rated G.  The main target audience is closer to 10 years old than 6, but I don’t think anyone younger or older would be harmed by it. 

The ambiance at Uranian Fiction:  someone indulging in way too much coffee and listening to music – often ‘obnoxious’ rock n roll.  A barely post adolescent emotional nature…where infantile meets the truly mature.  A softy Mommy.  Some rocker who straightened up when she had the baby, some relapses but the trend is towards responsible in a maternal way.  An intellectual.  Some middle aged triple divorcee who forced herself to live as a foreigner for a few years trying not to lose her mind because it may have been a mistake and she mostly thinks so because of how difficult some of it is.  An overgrown philosopheress finding her way.  An author and writer.  Some married guy’s kid sister from way back.  One of those spiritual women.  A frustrated ex-lover who wonders about the future.  A woman easily bored.

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