Uranian Fiction – short stories


Posted by miriampia@rocketmail.com onNovember 27, 2012 at 5:10 PM  

The Future of Engineering is an academic SF story with a good sense of humor.  Set in an international future environment, readers can see what projects the graduate students are coming up with and what kinds of things are funded.  The debate is vibrant in this fast lunch break fiction. 

Exciting for those who have yet to embark on university education and nostalgic with a twist for those who attended long ago…The Future of Engineering is exemplary Uranian Fiction.  Behind the scenes: the story was first written while living in an international graduate school atmosphere when the lover of the year award went out to a German engineering graduate student. 

The Future of Engineering is Uranian Fiction for adults, but this tale does not need a warning label.

Is there any Uranian Fiction for kids?  Yes!  ‘What is Trillium?’, ‘Sharbenau the Squirrel’ and ‘Jimmy Bodeilo Travels Through Time’ are all juvenile Uranian Fiction.  Truly, the author hopes that the Uranian ambiance makes the stories good enough to please both generations at once.

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