Snapping back to real life: Experimentation in Uranian blogging

Well, that tells you a little bit about the young Gezka FaucMerz and the  middle aged but not old yet – Kiel Bronson.

Those of you reading regularly have been introduced to the Five Big Questions in Life – which is an overview of the field of philosophy: there is one chapter dedicated to each of the 5 main branches of Western philosophy.  The approach is hands on, for people ready to practice philosophy.

It is true that this blog has some experimental characteristics, which may come across at times as inconsistency.

Earlier today, I read part of a print magazine article about blogging in the German language.  There were a lot of t’s and z’s in it [pained and canned laughter].  It was about whether or not narcissism shows up more or less in the so called blogosphere.  Personally, I think it has to do with how often people blog in private and how much they feel read. I knew one young woman who used to blog in a cafe where a few of us writers and would be writers congregated with many others.  I usually blog in what would otherwise be ‘private’.  If no one read it, it might as be about my armpit hair in that no one else needs to have any interest in it at all as long as it seems relevant to me.  However, the more readers there are the less it seems acceptable to me to go on about ‘what I saw when I gazed at my own navel’.

Yes, it is different if it a scene in a movie or an advertisement for razors or deodorant.

2 thoughts on “Snapping back to real life: Experimentation in Uranian blogging

  1. great article to get a lot of things i like it, keep write like this.

  2. Desai Girish says:

    That’s great reading ur post

    Girish Desai

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