Are you Uranian?

This is a search for the kind of readers I imagine would like the types of works that come either from me or through me – that’s a discussion for another day.

Uranian has been used to allude to bisexual and homosexual people.  It doesn’t really bother me if you are, and now and then one of the characters in the fiction stories probably is, but not more often than is the case in real life.  Perhaps that could be a contributing factor to why someone would be or feel ‘Uranian’, but it is far from being the only reason.

One very simple way of determining whether or not you are Uranian, the way I mean it, is to know whether or not you are one those people who puts stickers or other individualizing decor on stuff you are allowed to mark: it could be the locker of a student, a lap top, a mug at an office, or the vehicle – bike or car etc.  If you do stuff like that, then “probably”.

Uranus in astrology is considered to be a planet denoting individuality and is associated with Aquarius.  Many has described as Americans as having a very individualistic culture – I think that is only true to a limited extent but have little basis of comparison, so I wouldn’t really know.  …

If astronomy makes sense to you but astrology stinks like old boot to your mind, Uranus is one of those planets that heralded a new age for humans in terms of the limits of our mass scale perception.  Here is what I mean: the source is the National Air and Space Museum:

Discovering New Planets

Only six planets, including the Earth, were known until the 18th Century.

Discovery of Uranus

Sir William Herschel


21k GIF

Photo from Zeitlin & VerBrugge,

Los Angeles, CA

The planet Uranus was discovered by the noted British astronomer, Sir William Herschel, on March 13, 1781. Actually, the planet had been observed numerous times by other astronomers as early as 1690, but it was thought to be another star. The planet was discovered accidentally while Herschel was surveying all stars down to magnitude eight — those that are about ten times dimmer than can be seen by the naked eye. One “star” seemed different and within a year was shown to have a planetary orbit 18 times farther from the Sun than Earth. The new planet was named Uranus after the father of Saturn in Roman mythology.

142k GIF

Uranus was discovered using this 15-centimeter (6-inch) telescope designed and built by Herschel.

Of course, being here in the early 21st century, you all also know about Uranium.  Uranium is actually the final of the so-called “naturally occurring” elements int he periodic table as well having had the key to unlock radioactivity in ways that redefined human life because it led to the power to self destruct as an entire species and to destroy the world on which we all live these days.  If this development had occurred long after colonization throughout space the impact would have been different.  As usual, science imitates and uses nature, and so nuclear power is a small scale version of goes on in the Sun as a matter of course.

If all that makes sense to you, then Uranian Fiction and related works “might well be for you.”

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