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Nearby crow couples

Posted by MSPia@live.com on November 10, 2012 at 5:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Today, this blog for readers of Uranian Fiction is coming from a beautific Northwest German village.  The weather is Autumnal.  The first creatures aside from all the plants I saw outdoors this morning were two crow couples.  In honor of that, today’s blog post is named after them.  I don’t know for sure that they were couples, but it was 2 pair and they seemed mature enough that it would not be surprising if they were two middle aged married couples, so to speak, only as it occurs in nature.

Even so, what is going on with the Uranian Fiction?  A new campaign has been started, to secure funding while producing a serialized form of an SF story.  If it goes well, in the long run it will amount to enough story to be a few novels.  Otherwise, it will be a short story or set of short stories. 

Yesterday, a new short story was posted here at the website and you can all read the synopsis of An Adventure in Indianapolis.

For more personal blogging by this author, check out Miriamspia’s blog at WordPress and visit Angie’s Diary and LinkedIn.  This year and in 2013, I may get organized enough to streamline the blogs.

Like most of you, I am interested in improvement.  Unlike most of you, this job situation does not create ordinary forms of workplace peer pressure. Like most of you, I am better at some parts of this job than at others and have to just cope with my limitations and seek solutions.

I strongly encourage you to join the blog and to become followers.  Tell all your friends.


New Options for Readers!

Posted by MSPia@live.com on November 9, 2012 at 8:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Today, there is a short fiction story sample posted at the website.  This one really is for kids – hopefully adults will like it to.  This one is about time travel.  Not everything I write is safe for children, but Jimmy Bodeilo Travels through Time really is.

There are a couple of new features here at the website now, including new stories, excerpts and a donations button.  Donations – if enough peopel give me enough then I won’t have to charge fees and can share more freely and still receive the support that I need and want.  That’s the bottom line on that. 

The rest of the news is about strengthening connections.  Here are links to other blogging locations:   and https://miriamspia.wordpress.com/ and  http://angiesdiary.com/bookoftheweek-web/018-botwoctober292012.html

Latest Awards?  Angie’s Diary honored me with the Author fo the Month July 2012. 

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