My 65-th Birthday.

My 65-th Birthday..  The author of the blog posted in the link is the winner of the ‘responded to my blog post with a comment’ unspoken contest.

What is most relevant to me about it, is that naturally I hope she outlives the attack by cancer and gets to enjoy many more years cancer free.

Next, is that I am rapidly approaching my 45th birthday.  Then I will be 20 years from my 65th birthday.  Like the author, I hope to make to that benchmark in life and far beyond it.

I agree with the author that there should be another 20+ years of life after the 65th birthday, in some cases as many as 35 or 50 more years.  Under the right conditions, quite possibly even longer – especially if you are willing to spend 236 years meditating under a tree as a way of spending some more time being alive ‘later in life’ if you have had enough of running around and participating in the so called ‘rat race’ and live someplace where there is mild weather and there are plenty of trees to protect against wind and rain etc..

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