Worldliness & Creativity – from a discussion at LinkedIn

**Heads Up: In the news today are reports of children born who have no country – they are otherwise normal but are not citizens of any nation on Earth.

This is in response to a claim that international people getting promoted more and have better problem solving abilities than others.

I do not think the experiences make the people more creative….In that, in general I think there is a limited set of ‘outlooks’ people can have which incline them to be more international than others.

People who have that psycho-social orientation ‘think globally, act locally’ are more likely to end up having international or multi-national experiences. However, military personnel and people who will go anywhere for their boss or corporation are also more likely to have such experiences. People fleeing tyranny as well, etc.. So I think the motivations for such behavior influences the reactions to it.

I spent a few years in England just because I found that I could continue to pursue my life goals there while getting international perspective. Not everyone has that type of motivation and in truth, I would have relatively worldly and broad minded even if I lived my entire life within 50 miles of my birthplace. While in England I had part of an international romance and became a mother. We had to actively take action regarding the offspring’s citizenship because not all nations grant citizenship to anyone born there…and the baby was not born in the home nation of either parent. Now, having lived 10 years in one of the baby’s 2 nations today I am in year 3 of living in the baby’s other nation, this is the father’s nation not mine. So, I am foreign here in Germany and typing this long message from a new thing: a laptop with a German keyboard because even though I mostly use English, I got so sick of not having an umlaut when I needed it that I bought a German keyboard the next time. It is not exactly the same.  The bottom line: as well as being rather worldly in outlook I am passionate about the significance of citizenship, especially being a woman.

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