9.5 hours of daylight in Northern Germany

This time of year, in this little corner of the world where are still red, pointy eared squirrels and not just breeds I have seen in North America ….today there have been 9.5 or maybe 10 hours of daylight.  In the big scheme of things that is really quite a bit but as there was twice as much of it for a couple of weeks at high Summer I feel different now.

For this blog post, I tried to bring you all somehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=VGF-HqdKZlQ  as they and Nina Hagen represent “best impressions” for Gen X of ‘the Germans’.

You know, today I found that http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZ4Q9_bDwLY the wordserve water cooler is connected to my blog.

Right now, it is only early evening, but like so many of the wild animals the psychological impact of the fact that it has been dark for 2 hours already makes it seem later. There is a low level sense of confusion about it: as an industrialized human being, I should not be affected.  As humans are part of the natural world and all, yes ALL of the other lifeforms are feeling the effects there is no reason to be surprised that I have noticed it as well.

About the squirrels.  Simple truths – in Indianapolis there are a lot of ‘mixed race squirrels’ – they are large and round eared like the grey squirrels but have some red in their fur and other signs that they are a mixed breed rather than ‘pure gray squirrels’.  Around here, in this German village there are totally red pointy eared ones.  Here, I have not even seen any gray squirrels.

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