Long slow years

Like so many of you I have held jobs.  I learned working them that sometimes it is ‘slow’ in there and other times it is ‘fast’.  Since I moved to Germany over 2 whole years now, I feel like my life has been on ‘slow’.  It is true that there is one quirk with whatever is to humans as clutch is to an automobile because I suffer from lack of smoothness between slow and fast but also high strung and nervous.  It seems like there should be something in between and like maybe I’m still needing to learn something I was supposed to figure out while a toddler.

More than absolutely nothing has happened in my life since moving to Germany but the way it is playing out makes it like nothing is going on.  Here’s a perfect example: the day that Angie’s Diary honored me with a literary award I was tearing out grass that had over taken part of a driveway patio – trying to psychologically get off on reclaiming human territory.  The highlight of the day was probably spending time with my son, who is now a teen.   As I write this, the just turned 17 year old is online Skyping League of the Legends with a couple of other kids who have blissfully maintained play-contact despite our having moved to Germany.  They have lived in Germany but we met them way back 4 or 5 years ago now, in Indianapolis.   No one around here even cares that I won it, or else they do but they won’t even tell me that they do, so I don’t even know. I may have counted some horses.

So little has been going on, even though there have been events, that I have been keeping track more by the changing of the seasons and whether or not the trash needs to go out than most anything else.  I have lived in the countryside before and as I believe I mentioned before there are 4000 people living in this town, plus 30+ horses, 2 asses, 60 game fowl, and numerous free and wild animals as well as the usual dogs and cats.
Later in life, if I say this part of my life happened quickly it will be because of how weird I got to cope with what it is really like.  If all that had happened was in close – for example, if all the online activity had happened the old fashioned way, I would feel like a lot more has happened.

Weird how it works.

We are OK today.  I have spent some time searching for the readers of stuff I have written and in the back ground there is material brewing for the next books.

If this was work, we would say: “We’re OK right now but it is slow [or dead] in here right now.”

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