Uranian Fiction – Why a business name and not just Miriam Pia?

Uranian Fiction, some of you already know, is the name of the organization under which all of the fiction I write finds shelter from the rain, or the fallout, and can feel like it ‘fits in’ or ‘belongs’. 

Sadly, this does leave the nonfiction feeling socially awkward, or leaves me feeling a little awkward about the nonfiction works – there is some. 

In other fields many business owners create separation of their private personal identities and their businesses even though there is an intimate personal connection between them.

Everyone needs to have a healthy ego, and yet ‘ego’ is also notorious for interfering in people’s learning what they need to know. 

Some artists use pseudonyms.

I feel that when I am not ghostwriting, and sometimes even when I do that, there is a distinctive literary voice, or more than one, that are ‘really me’.  At the same time, I do not like to limit myself to one genre or form of work.  Also, my adolescence was spent with the daily background anxiety of nuclear proliferation and the constant need to focus on mass scale human compassion as being key to being alive 25 years later in a world that is not post-nuclear apocolyptic in nature.  Due to that, there is a sense of intimacy with Uranium – which in and of itself is just an element and was not out there trying to be lethal, if you know what I mean.  Poking some fun at this, and honoring ‘the personal power of the artist’ has to do with why I call my work Uranian Fiction.  Apologies for those who hoped it was LBGT, but fear not, now and then there probably will be an LBGT character in my work. 

Lastly, or not, we are living on a planet in outer space and nearby we have planet uranus.  In truth, it is just unique, like all the others…yet that uniqueness makes it unlike all the others. 

Check out Uranian Fiction!  http://www.amazon.com/An-Adventure-in-Indianapolis-ebook/dp/B001F0QG7U


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