Prediction and Interpretation 2012 – 2024

To all of my friends and readers who believe that astrology is old bad science:  Please take the following “as astro turf compared to real grass” in your own minds.

Everyone has some legitimate interest in being able to make predictions about the world. and to foresee events from weather to the stock market and even whether or not someone is going to be a romantic partner.  We use a variety of means to make predictions.  One of the numerous methods used is astrology.  Astrology is astronomy interpreted as having relevance to the lives of humans, living on planet Earth.

Below is an article culled from the worldwide web about the dwarf dual system Pluto and its presence in the sign of the constellation of stars labeled Capricorn.


Pluto’s Transit Through Capricorn
Jan. 2008 thru Nov. 2024

By Stephen Winder


News flash! Pluto is now in Capricorn. What does this mean for you and me?

Pluto in Capricorn mixes the transforming and obsessive qualities of Pluto with the limiting and realistic qualities of Capricorn. What needs to be transformed is how we view the world and the nature of reality. If we obsess about how things are and what we need to do to change, then we are not taking positive action.

We need to be self- empowered and to work within the limitations that are before us to achieve a new reality. This is a reality where we don’t annihilate (Pluto) the world (Capricorn) but rather re-examine our assumptions of how things are. Thus we can re-create and re-build the world so that it is truly enduring and sustaining of life.

At the start of the twentieth century, Pluto was in Gemini, as was Neptune. A few years previously, in 1891, these two outer planets were in conjunction in Gemini. A major theme of the twentieth century was that of communication and movement. Through the development of transportation and communication systems such as: flight routes, improved roads, centralised hubs of communication, the telephone, space satellites, the internet, courier post, motorised travel and flight, television and video; the world has become more interconnected and a greater understanding between peoples has emerged. The flip side is that the world has become smaller. It is harder to keep secrets and to have our own personal space. Nowadays, conflicts between people across borders can occur more rapidly (compared to before the twentieth century).

At the beginning of the twenty first century, Pluto was in Sagittarius in conjunction with Chiron. The theme of the twenty first century is that of the bigger picture. Chiron being conjoined to Pluto points to the part of our psyche that is deeply wounded. It is the truth (Sagittarius) that hurts us. The truth of our existence, of what we are and what we do. We expand and expand following the same routines and formulas day after day, oblivious to anything but the imperative to keep going as we are. Yet, the small voice, which was hardly heard in previous times, has somehow become less of a background whisper and more of a roar.

Our failings as individuals and as a collective are now loudly broadcast for all to hear. If we don’t change soon we may be doomed to face some horrendous consequences, and what’s more, it is already happening. And so on. Even if we did want to change, how can we change? What should we change? Can we change? What can I, but one individual, do to make a difference in the face of such a huge problem as our possible mass extinction? Especially as the collective appears not to care and seems hell bent on going on the same way as before?

Perhaps one person can’t change the world as a whole but surely one person can change their own world, and this personal change will have some effect on others that the individual comes into contact with. First there was one. Then there were two. Then there were four. And so on.

As Pluto moves through Capricorn from 2008 – 2023 it starts to slow down in its speed. After a relatively quick dash through the signs Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius, Pluto starts to become more concentrated and enduring in its zodiacal influence. Pluto was in Cancer for 26 years, in Leo for 18 years, in Virgo for 14 years and in Libra for 11 years. Pluto was in Scorpio for 10 years, in Sagittarius for 12 years and will be in Capricorn for 15 years.

It is thought that created the world as it is, and it is through thought that the world as it is can be transformed. By acknowledging our connection to the earth, our common humanity, other life forms and the universe as a whole, we can open ourselves to a truly universal change of consciousness and being.

The ingress of Pluto into Capricorn represents the end of the Libra – Capricorn cycle and the beginning of the Capricorn – Aries cycle. As Pluto moves through Capricorn, issues that will begin to surface and gain prominence include: how we treat our collective home, our sense of origins and where we belong in the scheme of things, and what our role as a species is. Does each and everyone of us belong just to a few particular places on the earth, divided into tribes and nations, or do we belong to the earth as a whole as one collective family?

On a more cosmic scale, is the earth our only home, or do we belong to a greater home, the galaxy and universe that surround us? Are we the dominant species, to do what we want to the world? Or are we just one of many species? Or should we be a guardian species, protecting and nourishing other life forms?

Do we control and restrict the movements and rights of others because of some authoritarian mandate? Or do we allow for the maturing of our species, to recognise ourselves, each and every one of us as true global and international citizens and travelers?

Fundamental questions of life and existence and the nature of being will arise and need to be addressed as Pluto moves through Capricorn.

Author Stephen Winder has been an astrologer for more than 18 years. He offers readings, astrology resources, articles, a monthly ephemeris, a newsletter and more! is his website.

Uranian Fiction shorts 2, Sharbenau the Squirrel


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What if a squirrel discovered that it ‘had powers’?  When humans live normal lives we think this is normal – except in the USA where every individual is supposed to be so amazing even though most people are perfectly normal.  Now and then, a human can do something that sets the individual apart from the rest. 

In this short story, a squirrel discovers itself and its own ability to make a difference in the lives of others. 

If this story had a movie rating it would be 6 years or Rated G.  The main target audience is closer to 10 years old than 6, but I don’t think anyone younger or older would be harmed by it. 

The ambiance at Uranian Fiction:  someone indulging in way too much coffee and listening to music – often ‘obnoxious’ rock n roll.  A barely post adolescent emotional nature…where infantile meets the truly mature.  A softy Mommy.  Some rocker who straightened up when she had the baby, some relapses but the trend is towards responsible in a maternal way.  An intellectual.  Some middle aged triple divorcee who forced herself to live as a foreigner for a few years trying not to lose her mind because it may have been a mistake and she mostly thinks so because of how difficult some of it is.  An overgrown philosopheress finding her way.  An author and writer.  Some married guy’s kid sister from way back.  One of those spiritual women.  A frustrated ex-lover who wonders about the future.  A woman easily bored.

Reblogging about professional bloggers



Productivity: Are You Ready to Work Hard Now and Reap the Rewards Later?

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sowingYes, you work very hard with your blog. However, it seems that you are not making any noticeable progress.

The thoughts of quitting start to cross your mind.

The fact is that you are uncertain how much longer you’ll have to keep on working, until you can turn your blog into a full-time income.

With this income, you’d be able to quit your boring day job and start living the life of your dreams: being your own boss, getting enough time with your family and traveling to exotic places.

Since the reality is the complete opposite, you feel like throwing in the towel.

I’ll ask you to reconsider what you are planning to do, because I might have a solution for you. I’ll just need couple of minutes of your time.

Do you think you could listen to me just a moment?

You weren’t prepared enough – were you?

Blogging is much more complicated than what it seems.

First of all, there is all this technical stuff that you have to take care of: themes, plug-ins, different settings, and web hosting – the whole nine yards!

Then, there are the certain myths about blogging and one of the most persistent ones are that blogging is so damned easy. Just write whatever you wish, get it published and you’ll become successful right away.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. You’ll soon realize that the quality of your content really does matter – and a lot!

The myth about blogging simplicity is also related to time and commitment: You can’t just spend some odd minutes on your blog on a weekly basis and wish that you are going to become super-successful.

The fact is that if you are going to be writing anything meaningful, it’s going to take time and effort to do so. Unfortunately, spending just a small amount of time on your blog on a daily basis will get you results – but nothing spectacular.

Finally, you haven’t yet internalized that you have to do a lot of work – especially in the beginning.

Everyone – including the most successful bloggers – have worked a lot when they started out and they didn’t take any shortcuts: They worked hard, failed, learned from their mistakes and kept working hard again.

Eventually they reached their success since they were committed enough. They weren’t afraid to work like nuts.

Your focus needs realignment

Setting goals – blogging related – is fine, but it’s your focus that needs some adjustments.

You see, one thing that keeps you going on a daily basis is the motivation, the drive inside you. Now, if you don’t have that internal fire inside you, then anything (whether it’s blogging or something else) is going to be very hard.

This internal fire is created by a compelling goal.  If you don’t know what it is, you don’t have any reason to take action to reach it.

But there is another goal-related thing that needs to be understood and this may sound a bit counter-intuitive: Don’t focus on the goal! Instead, keep it in the background all the time, but don’t let it become an obsession, something that you think about all the time.

You see, if you only think about what might happen sometime in the future, you find the present less compelling.

Unfortunately, the present is when you have to do the groundwork for your future. And if you find the present boring, then you can’t justify the effort that is needed with your blog.

So what we are going to be doing next is that we tweak your mindset a bit, so that you’ll keep on working and eventually you reach your blogging success.

So let’s do it – right now!

Get the fun back into blogging again

Obviously, you have an exciting reason that helps you to wake up in the morning full of enthusiasm.

In my situation, I wake up early and I’m ready to do some work before I hit the office. I know that when I work enough, I’m finally able to generate enough income from my online business and support my family.

However, there is another thing that you have to do: Make the present enjoyable.

Learn to love writing the blog posts, connecting with other bloggers or building your e-mail list. When you do that, the transition from the current situation to your dream becomes much smoother.

So how do you actually make the process more enjoyable?

Well first of all, you should remember your past victories.

What small successes you already had so far: Did you receive a thank you e-mail from one of your readers, did you get a lot of positive comments in one of your blog posts or was some other famous blogger linking to your stuff?

These victories – sometimes smaller, sometimes bigger – are worth remembering every day as you build your blog.

Second, gather a group of people to support you when you feel like quitting or when you are feeling down.

Sure, blogging can be very lonely at times, but when you have people you can go to, it helps the situation a lot. You can support each other when the motivation is lost or if getting to the goal seems to be impossible.

Finally, you can always hire some external help if you want to speed-up your progress. What I mean is hiring a coach and it can definitely get you on the fast track when it comes to reaching your goals and success.

I have been working with a coach for almost a year and I’m very happy with the progress I have made.

The blogging success mindset – step-by-step

Let’s put all the things you have learned so far into a detailed plan, that’s easy to follow:

1. Make your goal important. Integrate your goal into your everyday life, so that it’s at the back of your mind (subconscious) all the time. The more important the goal comes to you, the more willing you are to take action to reach it.

Write down your goal or even – try to find images that visualize your goal. Put them somewhere where you can see them easily whenever you need to.

2. Get in love with the process. Switch your thinking from something in the future to the present.

Of course, you need to have a compelling future goal, but at the same time you should focus on the present. This makes your everyday blogging tasks easier, since you are not living in the future.

3. Have a success journal. Take a couple of minutes every day and write down your daily successes. Whether it’s something big or small, it doesn’t matter.

When you keep writing the stuff down on a consistent basis, you’ll soon have a lot of your personal success stories that you can get back to. They can also make you feel good, when you don’t feel like writing a post or doing something else blogging related.

4. Form a support group. When you feel de-motivated, who do you turn to? If you don’t already have anyone to get support from, it’s time start a personal support group.

For instance, you can do this by contacting other bloggers in the same niche as you and start a private Facebook Group. With this group, you could talk important things that are related to the blogging processes or help each other out if things get complicated.

And hey, no-one is stopping you from starting a virtual mastermind group, where you get on the Skype on a consistent basis and talk things out.

5. Hire some help. You could always hire a coach if you’d like to start moving forward faster in your blogging career.

Now, I know that this option can be very expensive.

At the same time, if you can afford it then why not? You’ll notice a much faster progress towards your blogging goals than by doing things yourself.


Although you should have exciting to goals to reach to, it’s the present that matters the most.

That’s why you should learn to love the present and this makes your blogging journey much smoother.

Start a success journal, form a support group or even hire a coach.

With these action steps, your present becomes more enjoyable and you’ll reach your blogging goals much easier.

Over to you: How do you motivate yourself, when you don’t feel like blogging?

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Uranian Fiction – short stories


Posted by onNovember 27, 2012 at 5:10 PM  

The Future of Engineering is an academic SF story with a good sense of humor.  Set in an international future environment, readers can see what projects the graduate students are coming up with and what kinds of things are funded.  The debate is vibrant in this fast lunch break fiction. 

Exciting for those who have yet to embark on university education and nostalgic with a twist for those who attended long ago…The Future of Engineering is exemplary Uranian Fiction.  Behind the scenes: the story was first written while living in an international graduate school atmosphere when the lover of the year award went out to a German engineering graduate student. 

The Future of Engineering is Uranian Fiction for adults, but this tale does not need a warning label.

Is there any Uranian Fiction for kids?  Yes!  ‘What is Trillium?’, ‘Sharbenau the Squirrel’ and ‘Jimmy Bodeilo Travels Through Time’ are all juvenile Uranian Fiction.  Truly, the author hopes that the Uranian ambiance makes the stories good enough to please both generations at once.

Nuclear Weapons Factory (caused by demons?)

“Mic Check: Do you live in this area or know someone who does? Then you might want to know about this. Coming soon near you…A facility that will be capable of turning 3.5 metric tons of weapon-grade plutonium into MOX fuel assemblies annually. Nuclear weapons.

Construction is currently underway. It will be a 600,000-square-foot facility requiring over 170,000 cubic yards of concrete, 35,000 tons of reinforcing steel, 23,000 instruments, 1000 tons of heating and air conditioning vents, 500,000 feet of conduit, 47,000 feet of cable tray, 3,600,000 feet of power and control cable, and 85 miles of piping.

Just like the XL Pipeline, a job creator!! I guess we should all be jumping up and down for joy.  ”

This was sent to me on Facebook.  We should stop this without using violence if at all possible!!!


Binational situation: here, there has been a mini-celebration of an American holiday in a nation where it is not a holiday.  I did not behave very much like it is a holiday considering everything.  What we did get here, was another relative came to visit which is really nice.  It doesn’t need to be a holiday, but as adult relatives who otherwise might not spend time together often find times at the holidays, it is really nice to finally have another relative around.

Not much else has happened during the past few days.  It is Autumn in Germany.  I have enjoyed being able to interact with both my mother and my son.

Music and YouTube videos and ‘those two’ are the ‘big stars’ this week, here in a German village beautiful enough to be called ‘a little bit of Saxon Heaven on Earth’.