Birding & Today

The other day I watched a movie involving a family that had an eagle working with it as a tradition.  The lifestyle was ‘Asiatic steppes’.   This struck a chord with me, because I periodically had ‘falconing fantasies’ or images during my youth.  I may have mentioned this a couple of days ago – will I end up learning the art after all, while volunteering when I’m over 60?  Mmmm…well, if I did, all I can do is apologize for repeating myself and just mention that it is showing up again.

Today was another quiet day in the village.  I spent an hour or so outdoors, nothing heavy, just a bit of walking in the fresh air.  I went out of my way to learn some German: that means I found ways to take some in, in a structured way.

During the past several years now, only my son and I live where I live.  There have been some visitors now and then but however much I miss the company – which is a lot, I do like that no one gets angry with me for “leaving my toys out” and I usually get to watch what I want and I know who to blame if something isn’t done.

I believe I have met one person in real life who has some type of ‘birding skill’ but in the days when pigeons were the best high speed first class mail service going, a lot of people had more bird handling skills.


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