Artists & self as artist

Artists….there are many types of art, and creativity abounds far beyond the ordinary categories of art.  Music, theatre, dance, music, drawing, painting, sculpture, literature, pop culture, animation, comic books, dancers…Even so, for some reason when I think  artist the first perception that springs to mind is painter, but usually I think that while listening to musicians – normally a group: some who composed the music, at least one who wrote lyrics [poetry designed to be sung] and then the playing of it….that made them somehow at the forefront but still being conceptualized as if they were the background.  Similarly, like so many people, I read every day….and spent years reading fiction and watching some theatre people nearly every day….I have written poems and short stories and entire novels …but when I think ‘artist’ I think ‘painters’.

There are some paintings decorating my home that I made myself….9 downstairs, plus 2 very small multi-media sculptures but I’m a novelist.  If I were really a painter, someone would have spent more than $30 on one of my paintings and maybe while I’m alive someone will spend $10,000 on one – and pay me a lump sum, and after I’m dead maybe they will get sold at a garage sale for a few bucks or will turn into heirlooms or will make my son or great grandchildren ….if not rich, at least, ahead of inflation….I can’t even tell.  Last year I read about a truck driver who bought a Jackson Pollack for $5 and didn’t feel it was any good but has learned that there are people who would spend like $12 Mil on it, and who can afford to.  So, she’s hanging onto it, even though she honestly feels it was only worth the $5.  That’s one reason why I don’t know with my own art.  That’s how much it might only depend on who you ask, and who gets to see it.  I mean, he could have had a 70% in some art classes for a $12 Million dollar painting.  Seriously.  Is it really that great?  Does it actually suck that badly?  Is the one able and willing to spend big bucks being scammed or are those who do not value it idiots?  I think maybe it just depends – which sounds like a cop out but isn’t.

Anyways, that’s painting.

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