2 Weeks without the Internet

This is the return from 2 weeks without Internet.  Articles abound about how this has become an issue for protocol regarding family holidays.  Heartfelt thanks to those who have helped bring me back to this service.

This is the 2nd version of this post.  The previous one started the same way then led into me spelling out my beliefs about Judaism.  The main cause of that is that I am in Germany and have had Jewish friends who’s parents or grandparents escaped Germany and are legitimately upset like so many others about what happened back in the 1940s.  Given all the options for ‘positions’ here is what mine really is:  1) I am very glad, even proud that my nation has provided a safe home for the majority of the world’s Jews living outside of Israel.  2) I am strongly opposed to genocide, definitely including believing that the attack and murder of 6 million Jews was heinous and immoral.  3) I believe Jesus Christ was a Jew and that no one should ever forget this.  One cannot accept Jesus and deny the legitimacy and treasure that Judaism has provided to humanity through the thousands of years.  4) I am in favor of Israel.  While I do not like it when they abuse the reality that they have support which is more  powerful than themselves I believe Israel has every right to exist….It is after all, the realm on Earth that Jesus referred to when he campaigned to become the King of the Jews – he wanted to be King of Israel.  I doubted that myself but recently, having read more of The New Testament, it is clear that the Roman who marked INRI on the cross was correct: Jesus aimed to be King of the Jews and knew he would be assassinated: because that was Jewish prophecy.  5) I do not keep a kosher kitchen but would be willing to try to share a kosher meal with any Jewish friends who ‘keep kosher’ but would feel hesitant about marrying into an entire lifestyle in which Kosher was expected of me, as I was not raised as a normal Jew nor as a “Jews for Jesus” but as a contemporary American Gentile-convert-Christian…Remember, Gentile is to Judaism, what Pagan is to Christian…Recently I watched some X-Men movies which brought it up…living in Germany brings it up.  FYI: There is some Judaism here in Germany in 2012, but where I live, to get Kosher food, one has to order it online…but you can reach a Rabbi in German right here in Germany today.

What does that have to do with the Internet?  That was mainly about pre-Internet stuff.  I heard from my son that the Internet was first invented to make sure that the USA would be able to annhiliate the entire Soviet Union with nuclear bombs from weird locations if necessary, which would naturally have made this location in Germany a nuclear wasteland from being home to the Border.  That was also covered by the X-Men movies.

Also, speaking of radiation safety issues and Germany and the Internet:  A German woman Facebook friend sent me a video called Chernobyl 25 years later and I recommend it.  I had to teach my son something about it.  The current situation is that they need more led and machines to build a new containment device or the radiation will be so bad again around 2015 that where I am presently writing this from – deeply Western Germany, will probably be severely poisoned by radiation blowing in from the East – there is a constant strong breeze coming here from the Ukraine.  Being one of Jesus Christ’s compassion people…I highly recommend that the international community helps make sure that cover gets replaced so that we don’t kill more Russians or irradiate millions of people from both sides of the “old 20th century wars”.  FYI: in the video it points out the truth that the half life of the radioactive material is 249,000 years – sorry, but that was not a mistake: that says 249,000 Earth years.  That means it will be a million years before it is safe again there, which is a long time for humanity to make sure we ‘don’t forget’.

Communication thanks to the power of the Internet.

Truth be told, I liked the X-Men movies a lot and don’t want nuclear annhiliation.  Having breathed some sighs of relief as nuclear disarmament proceeds, I’d like us to also not all kill each other or ourselves with nuclear power.  To spell out another personal belief:  I am not an extreme pacifist due to lessons learned exemplified by what happened to England back in the 1930s when they went too pacifist, but that being granted, I am no war monger.  I believe that humanity has that Star Trek TV show ideal potential to make Earth a wonderful, just, kind and delightful place to live but we have to actually bother to work at it, to make it so, which was Jesus Christ’s whole point…and what his teachings are there to help us do.

One thought on “2 Weeks without the Internet

  1. jackie says:

    Enjoyed your post about your beliefs! I think Jesus always knew He was King anyway! Interesting about Chernobyl and a bit scary. Hopefully Germany is pushing the international community to assist the government of Chernobyl with funds and scientists so that it can be encased properly. Heard a story awhile ago on CBC radio in Canada about someone who visited the area and I am guessing locals and animals grazing on the land are being contaminated regularly without anyone intervening. Scary stuff!
    Never heard that explanation about the Internet before. All the best with all you do! Jackie

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