Writer Transforms?

Lately, there was an upsurge in the blogging, because there are 2 or 3 places where I started trying to blog.  The cycles by which they are processed are not all the same.  Then, there were some more good experiences and some bad experiences which happened around the same time.

A few months ago I read a great article posted online by someone else who described a common process for professional writers.  He wrote that personal development and professional development actually go hand in hand.  Many writers noticed this – whether it is the down side of being confronted by a personal shortcoming or area where more personal growth is needed or the upside of learning new tasks and exploring new terrain.

Recently, the combined effect of good and bad aspects of the same situation has really reminded me of this.  Hopefully I will ‘break on through to the other side’ [yes, I mean like the old Doors song more than cemetaries or Bau Haus’s Bela Lugosi’s Dead…FYI: Bau Haus actually accepted female and male students, which was a big improvement for women, but because they did they were swamped with applicants beyond what they could accomodate.]  If so, then, there may be hope of getting writing contracts for books with major publishers and actual advances.

Writing is one of the professions where it is said, “Unless you really are one; don’t do it.”  This is based on the idea of a profession being ‘one’s calling’ and is a reference of how competitive it is.  A toddler just screamed in the background.  The difference between not having children and being a mother [Nannies are different, they may know anyway] is realizing that the child does need to be taken seriously but might have screamed because the 25 -30 old man father with him tried to get him to use a utensil to eat his food, or may have denied him a something or tried to take away his beverage container.  It is true, that some of what parents and babies put up with is fair and it is also true that when one is 25 no one sane and reasonable acts like it is OK for someone to force your drinking cup out of your hands but at the same time, adults do still act like: if you’re in the office where no drinks are allowed then don’t drink there, you know?  Perspective.  With me it is about changing in such a way that I become comfortable with the query-book-proposal-contract set of procedures.  20 years after first writing a novel length manuscript and I feel like I still react to it as if someone has taken the baby’s teddy bear at the wrong time.

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