How to position one’s work – how to find the readers  I recommend people cut and paste that one and read it.  It was simultaneously depressing and inspiring which I have also noticed is often the case with a lot of the rock n roll music we get nowadays.  Sometimes real life is the same way.

One reality that came up was how in creating artwork sometimes what is one’s personal favorite is not the same as one’s most popular work.  Now, as an author, I don’t know yet, because I am still in PRT – Pre book release tension.  The author who’s work is in the article has written fantasy goblin stories even for adults and even though it wasn’t just a session of Dungeons & Dragons 1st edition, in which goblins often figure as important enemies of all that is civilized and human.  In 1st edition D&D they seem to have been devised purely to justify human aggression, especially by ‘the good’ rather like saying that robbers only exist so that cops can have them to go after.

However, I have also made some paintings, nothing like Teri Barnett or Luna Estelle – as they are called on Facebook, but even my son doesn’t prefer my favorite of my own paintings.  I find it odd to accept the reality that my favorites could end up however popular and some of my work that I don’t even think is very good could end up being super popular.  “Funny how life is, isn’t it?”

This is also yet another case of:  “It’s not just me.”  Things like this have happened to other creative people.

Right now I feel like I want to write for readers but the issue of communicating with both readers and other writers can at times become confusing …I read a blog about this.  Someone figured out how to take on even more work in order to blend the two together.  It made sense but did not strike me as appealing to do but that the results could be good.

Truth be told right now what I have to offer as far as completed manuscripts is rather diverse but ever since I found about Nancy Holzner Conner writing a Home Buyer’s Guide as well as series of urban post apcolyptic zombie fiction I felt..well, given perspective.  Right now there is an urban novel about fictional crime where there is a team solving the problem rather than just one sleuth – in that respect it is more like a TV show script except that it is a novel…but it is contemporary and based so near to real life that people who like ‘real life’ will probably like it.  Then there is an actual nonfiction little philosophy book coming out for people who really want to relate to real life with depth but who also like to take the bull by the horns so to speak and to get on with the business of living.  Beyond that there are some short stories and one is leading a humble existence as part of an anthology to raise money for a children’s hospital.  All of these titles can be found at Uranian Fiction and elsewhere.

An Adventure in Indianapolis is currently available to Kindle owners as an ebook and those who want hard copies are welcome to place pre-orders with Alethia Publishing.  The more they know you want it, the better it is.  As a heads up: they are now truly different versions of the same book as Alethia provided another edit of this contemporary urban novel.

One of the great truths of real friendships and books is that readers can get into the minds of others.  People also like a good action story.  An Adventure in Indianapolis has a flexibility towards this which resembles real life.  There is leg work, and brain work and team work and individual activity involved.  The novel follows all of these and major endeavors towards the plot are brought back together by team meetings which so many adults with work experience are familiar with.

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