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http://angiesdiary.com/publishing/which-market-should-i-write-for/  I recommend people cut and paste that one and read it.  It was simultaneously depressing and inspiring which I have also noticed is often the case with a lot of the rock n roll music we get nowadays.  Sometimes real life is the same way.

One reality that came up was how in creating artwork sometimes what is one’s personal favorite is not the same as one’s most popular work.  Now, as an author, I don’t know yet, because I am still in PRT – Pre book release tension.  The author who’s work is in the article has written fantasy goblin stories even for adults and even though it wasn’t just a session of Dungeons & Dragons 1st edition, in which goblins often figure as important enemies of all that is civilized and human.  In 1st edition D&D they seem to have been devised purely to justify human aggression…

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