Terrifying yet again

Those of you who read this blog are aware that there has been some yard work recently.  Today, one of the neighborhood cats curled up in a location created recently – reformed recently, by the yard work.  Once again, I went out there, and tried to be friendly.  I got a ‘weird vibe’ and slowed way down.  The cat looked at me – noticing me noticing it noticing me noticing it.  My intentions were typical: I wanted to pet it and get to know it a little better if it would let me.  Instead it reacted to me the way a lot of men who are not really hostile but are really horny and friendly get reacted to by women in bars.  It glared at me and then took off, as it were escaping a real creep or at least a real danger.

Even the most innocent of humans will sometimes get this kind of reaction…it also sometimes happens to nice men who aren’t even trying to just laid but women still react to them as if that is what it is…the reason of course, is because of how often that is what it is but for some reason women can’t always sense motives with total clarity.  Maybe, I’m reading too little or too much into it; maybe the cat just didn’t want to be petted by me when it doesn’t know me that well but was content to curl up in a little corner of my present territory.
Speaking of territory, one of the new German neighbors set a jacket on something in my area of back yard and I reacted to it very intensely; I almost felt slightly sick because when I thought it through I realized it was probably not anything to worry about but I felt encroached upon and like ‘who the H is that guy and didn’t his mother teach him about proper boundaries?’ and thoughts and emotions like that.  I could have just mentioned it but as it seemed pretty safe and OK when I thought it through I just rode out the emotional wave and let it go.  I’m sure you all know what I mean, when you realize you may be over – reacting.  Sometimes we find that we were not over reacting at all, but other times we have.
Speaking yet again of territory:  In Indianapolis, the I465 is the highway loop around the city and nearest suburbs.  This region has been kept clean from certain types of criminal activity at least most of the time.  In An Adventure in Indianapolis, some local villains have an idea which would encroach on this specially gaurded turf….by imposing a meth lab into the city.  Naturally, the Sheriff is not the only one who is against this.  Frustrated that he has some idea of who is guilty but unable to take action, he turns to the Mayor.  The new Mayor quickly learns that unelected, lesser known but reliable office staff who have worked there for decades know just what to do.

For everyone who loves ‘everyday heroes’ and urban fiction, this story brings together mental activity and foot work in a create tale of how teamwork solves a crime.  Intended to please a broad audience, rather than a niche genre, An Adventure in Indianapolis offers another look into the Circle City.

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