Whose Fault Is It If Your Book Doesn’t Sell?

Whose Fault Is It If Your Book Doesn’t Sell?.  This is one of those truths that seems to ‘hit me’ in more than one way.  Like everyone else, I realize that a bit of extroversion, meeting and mingling with people and spreading the word and seeing what is around by seeing what is around are all good ways to find new items and also to spread the news about my own work.

It is also true, that like so many of you, I was given very double messages about sales and marketing.  I was told that advertising and marketing are crucial but that they are the hand maidens of the Anti Christ and that only minions of Hell work in sales.

As an author with a couple of books getting ready to hit the market, this made it so that I really had to “run the gauntlet” so to speak about ideologies, ethical factors, and question the lessons my parents taught me.

The reality as I see it after careful and somewhat thorough examination is that:  there are realities about sales which are more like your neighbors friendly dog or fuzzy the bunny than like demons from the 8th abyssal layer of Hell.  When motivated purely by greed or when hating the project – there are the demons.  The main problem is really that many of us have some fear of the leg work involved and might be a bit shy.  Also, as consumers and customers: we love it when we get what we need, want and find items we really like.  We also tend to hate it when we are about to bathe or watch our favorite show and some punk sales person shows up trying to get us to buy something we don’t want…and then we teach the working sales person what demons are really like by treating the person as if what s/he has done by coming to our door this way is worse than if s/he had just gone and committed armed robbery or prostitution rather than interupt our daily routine marketing bookmarks or ice cube trays or something.

As far as I can tell, that’s what it’s really like.

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