Seasonal Change – Rating: Noticeable

This is completely different.  The truth has changed.  It is now dark before 9pm.  That doesn’t seem all that weird except that I have weird feeling, almost as if I am just imagining it, that relatively recently it was bright out for so long that I thought I might be losing my mind…not to worry; it isn’t like that anymore.  I feel really different.  Face palm – so do all of the plants so why be surprised that so do I?

Note to writers:  I finally figured out what happened.  When writers write in large volumes it is possible to start to skip entire words rather than only letters and not notice at the time, which seems totally insane to nonwriters but for those confronted with over 10,000 words weekly …for a few months on end, this becomes believable.

I felt way better about stuff like that once I heard Neil Gaiman admitting that after he has written it, sometimes the way his mind goes he doesn’t even know anymore – I mean some of the time, how much he wrote, or what it was called or maybe he does know it was called and that he did that one but has forgotten all about chapter 7 character X, until a fan brings it up at a live event by asking a question he can’t even answer…Or he can, but not until he puts the pieces together…Like D&D gamers remembering what happened in some of the character’s lives after a day at a job in real life.

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