September Summer ‘re-hash’

Today, the weather in Doerverden is warm enough for shorts and sleeveless tops and skirts etc..  The breeze here, comes in steadily from the East and is full of ‘memories of the cryllic alphabet’ and hopefully nothing special like radiation from Chernobyl.  They have to build a new container for the site within these next few years or all of Western Europe will be radiated to Godzilla levels.  I know this thanks to updates posted at YouTube that Susanne Skuthan sent to me: even though she had to use English when she’s a German, just so that I know.  What we could all expect from that type of radiation poisoning would be generations of skyrocketed birth defects, and horrifying increases in all types of cancers.  There may also be other weird side effects but those are the main ones.  The half life of that radioactive material is 249,000 YEARS ….OK, there is no getting around that one, but as much lead as possible could render the situation less dangerous on the surface and more of a sinking phenomenon. As far as I know, today’s local weather has nothing to do with that.  I was relieved when I looked it up on the Internet and found that I was not just imagining it and that it is true that the air has to be ‘just so’ in order for the heat from the Sun to come through clearly without it being so clear that we get immediately fried by the high dose of radiation.  It is weirdly true how the Sun runs on the same nuclear processes as the nuclear power plants…but how much ‘safe distance’ and other protections are really necessary to make it anything ‘good for us’.

Despite having been a bit ‘blithery’ and meandering: this is today.

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