The Last Day on Earth  That is the link for a YouTube video of the band Marilyn Manson doing this song.  I have no idea how they wrote it.  I do know that in the band Rush, Neil usually handle lyrics and all of them write the music but there is a lot of activity involving details about who does what.  Now, I know that Marilyn Manson is a few American men close to my age – actually a little younger but within 5 years of my age whereas Rush is 3 Canadian guys 14 or 15 years older than I am.  I don’t know exactly who wrote which part of the song but the result is ….poignant …In fact, if someone were to give an audio dictionary definition of the word ‘poignant’ or ‘melancholic but still beautiful and inspiring but subtle’ I would suggest they use this song, or at least the first few ‘bars’.

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