Recalcitrant blogger returns

What I mean by that, is that I left you without a new blog for 2 days in a row; now, we both know that’s wrong, but remorse has not filled my soul.  Having admitted that, what I can do, is write you again today.

Those of you who have checked out this blog for months, may be aware that for a while there was the discovery of the ability to make stew.  Then there was also a period during which the issue of vegetarianism was revisited.  We played around with it for about 6 months: could I come up with a hearty vegetarian soup that would satisfy my growing teen son?  Could I come up with something that works for me?  How about both of us and maybe guests?  The bottom line is that I was able to come up with some versions of the soup that my son and I both liked without using meat but my son prefers the omnivorous diet.  He has contemplated and considered vegetarianism, and more than anything else he repeatedly brought up what he described as a form of hypocrisy to eat plants mercilessly but abstain from dead animal flesh.  This caused us to review a number of points ranging from ‘the hierarchy of consciousness and the power of nerves’ along with fasting…the spiritual power to live without eating but the next level beside that which is to get nurturance without killing any plant or animal – which I simplistically told him is ‘the Brahmin way’ of eating: fruits and nuts and berries.  Here in Germany, people can buy food like that and it is relatively inexpensive and they label it ‘Studentten fodder’ and have not attached any religious label to it – but poor college students may be able to survive on this diet of nut protein and vitamins and minerals from berries and fruits.  At least this has been brought up and been considered, contemplated and there has been some testing.  I have not led a home fasting or meditations to make us able to go without food or water for days without ill effects….I am aware that at least Christianity and Hinduism offer this, but the type of meditation may not be identical…and my video game playing teen just looks at me funny and is relieved to have beef in this batch of stew.  This shows how much it depends who it is, because I have met other children who wanted to go vegetarian but their parents would not allow it…and have known at least one or two children who were very happy because the mother allowed the daughter to eat vegetarian which was important to her.

The human organism is omnivorous, as are crows and bears.  Some breeds of humans do better with more or less of the vegetable or animal protein running through the system.  In some cases it depends on the stage of life or surrounding environment – possibly social or physical atmosphere.  My personal view is that ‘sublime eating’ and even ‘not needing to eat without getting ill or weak’ are both spiritually beautiful ideas.  I am glad they are real.  I recall that when I was a child I did hear rumors about ‘spiritual conditions in which a person no longer needs to eat’ but it was decades before I was able to confirm that it is a real ‘thing’….It can actually be done….but it usually works best for theists and deists than for atheists…We don’t know why that is…Of course believers feel it is thanks to the deity and that’s why atheists can’t do it, but sometimes atheists really can do much of the same spiritual work even though it makes no sense to theists.  My simplistic peace-making answer from the Christian worldview is to call all of that “the Holy Spirit in action”.


Hopefully, that does something for some of you.

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