German recipes: seasonal, light

Here in Germany there is such a substance called ‘Sahn’ which occurs in multiple levels.  They have included degrees of the same thing which I never noticed in the USA either because they do not exist or else because it is less common and I never searched for it.  In this case, I am referring to something softer than cream cheese but sturdier than cream and not of the same texture as whipped cream.

This evening I ‘whipped something up’: I liked it, so, as I told you I might, here’s the recipe:  2 tablespoons ‘Sahn’, 1 tablesoon butter or margarine, and two tablesoons of avocado: mix and add other spices according to your preferences: I used just a dash of: oregano, black pepper, chili pepper, 1 cup pasta noodles.

Anyone who tries this is welcome to comment.  It would be interesting to receive someone else’s experience of it.  Sven is normally the only person to test my cooking and in most of the cases where he does not really like something I cooked the truth is that I really do.

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