The Germany Years – Year 3 Begins

International living is not for everyone.  It holds appeal for a minority of folk.  Those who do it – only some even do so by choice.  Many who live internationally do so only because a major source of income insisted.  How people who try the challenge deal with it also varies.

Those who do it, often feel they may as well get into it and try to make it a source of pride rather than just whining their whole lives about how hard it was.  If culture could be water, I’d say ‘going international’ is like jumping into a swimming pool and looking around under water without goggles.
This is the 2nd foreign country for me, and for my kid it is even weirder because this whole thing is just to make it so that he doesn’t have to feel foreign in one of his own nations.  We all like being Americans, but because of who his father is, Junior is Ami-Kraut.

This is the beginning of our 3rd year in Germany.  For most Germans that happens at age 2.  For me it happens at age 44 years and for my son, it is occurring at age 16 years.  We both know Germany better than we did in 2010.  I don’t know what it is like for the guy who has come back here, and brought with him some junior dual citizens and uni-national Americans…to his home town…that I think in truth he would have been OK with never coming back to other than to visit for a week now and then.

This town is very different from Indianapolis but there are a lot of ethnic Germans in Indy, including the Amish – who are actually Germans but Deutsch sounds a lot like Dutch to people speaking English.  What the two places have in common aside from us, and that…remains: flat fertile land with both corn as a crop and wind farms as a new-old way of getting renewable energy.

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