Adaptation & Maladaption

Making adjustments to new situations and environments is necessary – perhaps it would be better to claim that when it is necessary to it is good.   There are many times when it is really not; at those times we rejoice in the chance to use the wisdom and knowledge of our experience.  This is quite the ‘inner angel’ until we run into a situation in which that is really not what we need to do or when real changes have made this same behavior a problem.   In some cases, we may run aground on a bad habit or on new technology.

Most of us have had times we adjust well in helpful ways to new conditions and feel good about it.  Many of us have also had times when what we did, does not seem to have worked, or what we thought would be an effective solution for a longer period of time proved to not work.

Naturally we may not face it right away when we have maladapted to some condition in our lives.  Perhaps eventually we figure that out but even then we find we still have to cope with it.  The effect is not as ‘fun’ as it is when we realize that we have adapted well to a given environment or circumstance.

I realize that that is obvious to most of you but a large portion of sympathy amounts to being like saying:  “I think I understand, especially emotionally, what you do and/or do not like about [event or circumstance X].”

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