This one is for writers – and anyone else interested

Today, I went back to Linkedin Writer’s Groups looking for something relevant to being a writer.  What worked its magic today was a blog post by another author at her website.  This is included to facilitate the interactive quality that one sometimes hopes for.

Using groups and interaction are often helpful to me, personally and professionally.  I do not view myself as a ‘loner’ type and I don’t like isolation but one must tolerate conditions and they can change and are not always easy to deal with.  Something more of ‘my stuff’ and ‘my presentation’ is probably going to actually happen because of what Jane wrote and did.  Let’s face it; that means something.

One thought on “This one is for writers – and anyone else interested

  1. We writers do not work in a vacuum. We are not competitors—there is always room for another author, even in our genre.

    I love reading other writers\’ and book marketers\’ blogs. From these, I learn style, techniques, and so much more. I appreciate their hard work and generosity in helping their readers (me) by their creating substantive posts.

    When I learn something helpful, I like to share that information and give credit to the appropriate person. This helps the author of the post develop authority and gain visibility. It also makes my post more credible; if my reader wants additional information, they now have a link to the source.

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