What?! You mean it’s already dark?!

Cool Germany returns here during harvest season [Lammas to the Druidic, Wiccan and Asatru friends].  Tonight it is almost dark out and still 10 minutes before 9pm.  Earlier today my son and I discussed why there is a bizarre psychological reaction to this.  6 weeks ago, this was well before dusk, that is really why it seems a bit of a shock.  The speed with which the light changes in this country is bit like what happens to the garden in the Spring if one ignores it for 3 weeks it gets out of control, but with daily attention, it is not normally overwhelming.  Now, at Winter Solstice at this hour it will have been dark already for 4 hours [Cra-zy as Johnny Rotten, but true as him to].  So, this is perfectly normal.

This evening I have read an article from 10 years ago by the 14th Dalai Lama – look up in the sky, because there is a good chance he is ‘in flight’ right now, given how much he travels these days.  One would have thought that would be nothing but an idle joke but it isn’t.  I believe he has used an aircraft 100 days or more of 2011.  Seriously, in flight.  We need to ask him about whether or not meditating is different when someplace higher than the Himalayas.  Then perhaps offer a green sweet frozen water stick to take the edge off of any tensions which may have mounted.

The article was good.  They are doing to Tibet what most Westerners would expect:  they get roads and literacy, but they lose a lot of forest and are getting minerals mined and they are not being given an honest choice.  They have also been overrrun by their nearest neighbors in a sort of trampling migration frighteningly reminiscent of what Europeans did to the Native Americans 300 years ago.  Our main solace is that most nations, tribes etc. have survived for centuries despite such things.  We have to hope they find ways to make it work out….Look at it this way, down in Latin America, there was more assimilation and less bald face murder of the natives.  Horrifying stories emerged, but given the severity of what is happening: they are being overrun by the Chinese in a major all out grab for everything from physical space to trees….we hope to support it occurring in a way such that…let’s say maybe the Chinese descendants will all celebrate some Tibetan holidays and be able to sing a few Tibetan songs and admire their old alphabet like Europeans view Celtic grooviness in the 21st century.  I think you all know what I’m saying.

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