Schmuck Jewelry and Aristocrats

Sven in having one of those days where he is able to include his main parental figures even though his parents are not together in the ordinary married or coupled sense of things but his father repaired his mother’s bicycle and Sven has spent time with both today.

Sven explained how he is going to have to find out about the situation regarding intercontinental D&D games using Skype with ‘the Swedes’ – some of whom pulled an all nighter last night…and ended up being ‘debriefed’ about the aristocrats Kate & William, or Prince William and now-Princess Kate [Middleton] ….I’m not sure what to say about their last names beyond writing the obvious that they are ‘House of Windsor’ people….and having checked for confirmation today, apparently that as their grandmother is Queen Elizabeth 2 – just like both the Cruise Ship Line and the Canadian Highway running through Southern Ontario…I think it is that she is Queen of England and Duchess of Saxony at the same time….or else, my ignorance about aristocracy runs so deep that despite having gathered information to that effect on the Internet I’m still ‘off base’ about something.  I don’t know if the levels of Princes: Phillip, then Charles then William [and Harry] currently also have titles for Saxony or if it is that whoever follows QE2 will become the Duke of Saxony and that it is correct that the present situation means she is the Duchess of Saxony supported – thank God, by Prince Phillip who is hopefully recovering from his recent bladder problem at the age of 91.

I have a schmuck jewelry ring which fits Sven better than it fits me, but we both like the style and it was so cute that I bought it…it turns out that it is done in Kate’s engagement ring which came from Diana – whom we all adored, despite her difficulties and premature end.   That is not much of a tie-in but we’re living as Americans and American-German dual citizens due to beliefs about citizenship with legitimate concerns about political and military and cultural and religious alliances and so for me, being American but not German with a dual citizen son, I feel more comfortable knowing that this is about the most English part of Germany one can get….not only due to the occupation after the 20th century wars but also thanks to what might be ‘personal union’ of the Queen and Princes [with King William and Princess/Queen? Kate to follow] being Duchess of Saxony.

I apologize if that was redundant.

More of the patio has been cleared.

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