Fitness Fabrik & Christian Ritual Books

Most of today I was at home.  Now, here’s some truth.  It would be normal to describe how it was, while I was here by saying that I was by myself – home alone.  That is one of those statements which makes perfect sense: there was not another human being here with whom I interacted much, within the same residence.  I did see one of the new neighbors through the window.  There were some spiders in the place – and they got lucky and lived whereas more flies were slaughtered by me.  Much as I hope that humanity will outgrow violence within our own species I am not innocent from slaying other creatures at times.  However, in terms of hunting, insects are the bottom level of hunting.  I mean, if one can’t kill a bug, then one really has no hope of becoming a hunter or huntress.

Outside I lived off the fruits of Summer.  Right now: here is a reminder of how ‘rich’ does not always equal cash.  Although cash poor recently, it is so rich around here that I had some ‘rich’ rather than ‘poor’ experiences and one was how fruit bearing trees were practically handing me food – really, please, here, I have plenty.  I ate 4 pieces of the freshest possible fruit grown by trees who have been breathing the same air and experiencing the same weather as my self for a deeply local feeling.  It is so rich around here right now, that plants are starting to just release free food.

Earlier in the day I read a little more about some Christian rituals.  I picked up the information from the Catholics…What really happened was that I love JC but was always UU and when I ended up learning rituals, I had gone outside of the normal play pen of Christianity to find and learn them…but my intention had not ever been to find a new religion but to fill in some gaps of knowledge and experience in relation to church.  You may or may not know, but Unitarian Universalists have – for the most part, de-emphasized ritual within the church, as something that just causes undo clutter in religious practice and that is why I did not learn through ‘reception’ lots of Christian or other rites there.  Because of that, I decided to see about getting more information about some specifically Christian rites – because I was finding it easier to get information on other types of rites….while navigating delicate inter-denominational and psychological religious-philosophical terrain.  Something came up that made me uncomfortable but then I ‘got lucky’ and got hold of some Catholic rites.  I have only been to one Catholic service and was raised to fear them and told they were often bad if only due to being so sexist.  So, I am very grateful to receive the information without harrassment relating to my other experience of my gender.

The big tip off today was something that is common knowledge to so many:  the Church is the so-called ‘Bride of Christ’.  I  believe yesterday I posted the city of Jerusalem as being ‘JC’s woman’ and am very uncomfortable with passing on falsehood due to having been misinformed…Which is really why sometimes I wonder about and look into things or conditions which are supposedly well known to be true…In case I or someone else accidentally passed on bad information and in the case that someone used deceit intentionally.

Anyway, the information is good.  I was deeply disturbed when I heard that this year the UUA declared itself ‘not Christian’ officially because I grew up UU thinking we were Protestant Christians, and I wasn’t looking for that to be changed.

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