Stories stories & a medical need for horses

As I make my way around the village and the rest of the small realm of my German experience, in the back of mind is how this terrain is going to help create at least one novel and more stories.  Perhaps it will help generate more philosophy – despite being in English as 3 of the German philosophers are amongst my favorites.  Kant – knowing how to tell the difference between what is in the outside world and what is all in our own heads and having categories for how both ‘sides of the track’ really work.  Hegel – how spirit and progress show how God operates in the world through time with a very hopeful outcome.  Nietzsche – he was a fantastic writer!  Most of his works, as translated by Walter Kaufmann were as good to read as the best novels and essays.  He reached for the future both spiritually and intellectually with some of the rebellious nature of the poets but …perhaps more sobriety or more analytical thinking and detail than the artists.

Today, I had a small success with 2 of the local horses.  I called out to them – just to try to touch them on the head and ‘say Hi’, which is not much…I spoke to them in German…but instead of ignoring me because I am not ‘their human’ they came and let me touch them on the head and say ‘Hi’.  One of them was suffering from flies around the face and one eye and if anyone knows the treatment to get rid of that problem let me know.  I may look it up online and see if a bit of vinegar or anything would help get rid of the flies…or if the flies are medicine rather than predators.

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