No Girls Allowed

No Girls Allowed.  Check this out.  I am a strong advocate of ‘rights’ and social progress.  I personally enjoyed coed education all the way through into graduate school.

I am aware that the British, and also some Americans and people in other nations like to offer both single sex schools and co-ed schools.  When both single sex and co-ed schools can offer top notch education – in that case I personally don’t care whether or not a school is co-ed or single sex, but want girls and boys, men and women both to be able to get top notch education.

There are both girls and boys who prefer co-ed environments and others who really do better in same gender schools.  I personally liked co-ed but there were years, especially when I was young that I would have been just as happy if I could have received equally good education with other girls as long as the girls weren’t slackers or having lower quality education or standards.   I am also the type of person that, if I happen to want to do something that mainly boys do, then I do not mind being the only girl or one of very few girls in the group when the real reason is my interest.  In such circumstances I prefer to be able to do it where the males aren’t outright hostile but have endured open antagonism in order to do what I needed or wanted.  In most cases, the antagonist male/s figured out that I was tolerable or even OK.

In reality, jockeying for being tolerated and being hard to get rid of, is something that is often part of work life.  If one is hard to get rid of, that’s a good sign.

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