Blog Here / Blog There – and radiation

Uranium is not inherently so radioactive that it poses a huge threat, but as you all know, ‘things can be done to it’ that make it much more radioactive than it naturally is and at that point: Wow – either it will create a bunch of nice power or everything that crosses its path will be marked by the radiation ‘signature’.   Today, I read a great true story by Nancy Denofio  It is not that happy of a story, but it leads to more.

Yesterday, I think I blogged in 2 places.  Locally, I weeded the lawn and spent a little time ‘mingling’ with locals at a Fitness Studium – this being the only place other than the grocery store and home I have been today.

Right now, the ants and local plants out back have me as their main source of immediate danger but the other humans have experienced me as harmless.

The desktop photo is still of my son, with his father and the 2 younger children produced by the woman who took the photograph.  This is although I have not given up custody of my son.  I hate it whenever I feel I have really been given the short end of the stick but given what I went through as a child, I still feel very good – most of the time about the 50/50 custody deal with my son’s father…Of course it worked even better when we were a family of 3 and lived in the same residence but all we can do is the best we can….and we only live separately due to how bad it got when the adults weren’t playing together well.  They will be back next week.

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